Global Enterprise

The Global Enterprise simulation is a rich, infinitely flexible business simulation and a compelling means of  actively applying essential skills like modelling and corporate valuation in a realistic and competitive context. The simulation experience adds a whole new dimension to the topics routinely covered in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking training programs.

The business simulation can replicate any size of enterprise, in any sector or operating environment, at any stage of development.

Immersive and engaging, Global Enterprise gives users an overview of how the different parts of a business work together. Participants learn what it takes to develop successful corporate strategy, and master the intricacies of corporate finance through first-hand experience.

Global Enterprise is a powerful tool for developing a deep insight into exactly how companies tick.

Participants take on the vital roles of company management – CEO, CFO, COO, CMO – and they must plan and work together. Strategies and tactics within each area influence and depend on the others. Discussion, cooperation, and agreement are essential to achieve success, and Global Enterprise‘s highly interactive web-based interface allows participants to integrate and combine their efforts.

Global Enterprise allows users to:

  • Begin a company as a start-up – and develop it into a national or multi-national corporation.
  • Assume the management of an existing company – and take it to the next level, or turn around a failing company.
  • Identify potential targets for merger or acquisition – by performing a forensic examination of companies’ financials, teams can develop their own valuation models and determine the optimal synergies.

Built using the latest interactive web technologies, Global Enterprise is ideal for those learning to work in banking, corporate finance, advisory, accounting, and consulting.